Law Student Stopped Hot Yoga Shooter in FL, Gets $30K

By George Khoury, Esq. on November 26, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Being a law student may come with quite a bit of added stress, but that didn't stop one brave legal scholar from jumping into action during the recent shooting at a hot yoga studio in Florida.

And while he risked his life and did get pistol whipped, he also saved several people's lives. Joshua Quick was at the hot yoga studio and took cover when gun fire erupted. When he heard a break in the gun fire, he saw a vacuum cleaner, grabbed it and hit the gunman over the head with it. Then he grabbed a broom and continued fighting off the gunman while others escaped. In recognition of his heroic act and bravery, not only was he awarded the "key to the city" in super-hero fashion by the mayor, his law school's university president and university board decided to put up their own personal funds to pay for the rest of Quick's law school.

Humble and Grateful

This story may make some folks chuckle due to Quick's choice of weapons, but as a 2L, he had likely learned enough in law school to know that anything can be used as a weapon. Not to mention that his quick thinking saved several lives.

Sadly, in the shooting, two people were murdered, an undergraduate FSU student and a local doctor, and five others (including Quick) were injured or wounded. The shooter also took his own life.

And, as some have commented, the way Quick has responded to the praise he received amidst the tragedy shows he might have a future career as a yogi. In response to the university trustee's support commitment of $30,000, he commented:

"I want to offer my gratitude to everybody. Thank you all for the recognition I don't feel I deserve."

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