Law Student (Also a Cop) Creates App for Cheating on Your Spouse

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on August 29, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

As law students, part-time jobs can help supplement your income. Earning a few extra bucks here and there can help you pay for that $200 casebook or that new laptop.

Well, have you ever thought about developing a smartphone app to help pay your exorbitant law school tuition?

There is precedence with law students developing applications. Take CATE, developed by former police officer and current law student Phillip Immler. It can help you cheat on your spouse or significant other.

Awesome, right?

And, it's definitely an endeavor that helps the reputation of the legal profession. Lawyers and law students are always on the side of morality!

Immler's application currently costs around $2.99 in the Android market, according to WPTV-TV.

If you would like to make some part-time cash like Immler, maybe it's time to put your entrepreneurial caps on.

What are some phone apps that law students would be particularly adept at making?

  • An app that can brief your case for you. Granted, this might be a little difficult to program. But, think about the riches you'd rake in if you could!
  • A program that can make every citation conform to the Bluebook. Let's face it: though it may be the "uniform" system of citation, it's definitely something of a monster to thumb through the Bluebook.
  • A note-taking software. Ever wish you could replay a lecture? How about developing some sort of app that will record and transcribe your notes for you, complete with formatting!
  • An app that asks you hard questions so that you get used to the Socratic method. One of the more embarrassing things a law student can do is to get stuck on a question asked by a professor in class. How about making some sort of program that will desensitize you to the spotlight?

Granted, many of these apps are probably impossible to develop. But, a law student can dream, can't they?

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