Last Minute Father's Day Gifts for Lawyer Dads

By George Khoury, Esq. on June 14, 2019 | Last updated on June 17, 2019

While lawyer dads may not be so easy to please, picking out the right Father's Day gift, even at the last minute, should usually be a breeze.

After all, if you're really pressed for time, a quick stop at any department store should be sufficient to find that perennially disappointing tie or handkerchief. However, if you're hoping to score some points with the old man, you'll want to avoid the boring same-old same-old. Check out the list below for some fantastic last minute gift ideas for your lawyer dad.

Hobby Accessories

If your dad has a hobby (besides work), Father's Day is the time to indulge it. Spending some time walking around the hobby shop or sporting goods store can result in finding the perfect gift that they'd never expect. This one could take a few hours to find, however, so definitely don't shy away from asking the store clerks for suggestions.

Subscription Services

If your pops is really into something, be it sports, movies, woodworking, cars, coffee, booze, food, or cooking, there's likely to be a subscription service that will perfectly scratch that itch. Whether it's a magazine, a streaming service, or something a little more edible or tangible, getting him a subscription service is a great way to keep the gifts coming long after his big day.

Pro tip: Print out a color image from the website you purchased the service from on photo paper, then include that with a card, along with a printout of the service's description on your nicest paper.

Event Tickets

While most fathers will say that the best gift is their child being there on Father's Day, you can easily double down and get you and your dad some tickets to a concert, theater performance, or some other event you know they'd like that's coming up. If you're feeling extra generous, or have siblings you can get to chip in, you might want to consider getting tickets for your dad and your siblings to all go together. Like the subscription services, you can usually print out the tickets at home. Again, using nice paper stock or photo paper will make the gift look less last-minute.

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