Kim Kardashian's Lawyer Threatens

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on January 10, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Kim Kardashian's lawyer is not amused with the new website

The website - which already has more than half a million followers - is growing rapidly. Its goal is to boycott the reality star. This includes her brands and the stores that hawk her goods. The site also asks individuals to stop watching her shows and purchasing magazines that feature her mug.

The site's founder is an anonymous Californian. He was contacted by Kardashian lawyer Christopher T. Wilson. Wilson informed the website owner that he was going to file a criminal harassment complaint against him.

Kardashian's lawyer had a bit of a beef over some of the website's content.

In one section, the anonymous website owner encouraged individuals to phone attorney Martin Singer. Singer is one of the other attorneys that represent the Kardashian clan. The website told users to call Singer to express their opinion about the Kardashian's purported use of Chinese sweatshops.

Singer's name has since been erased off the site, reports the New York Daily News.

Criminal and civil harassment differ. In most states, a defendant must cause a credible threat to the plaintiff's health or safety to be found guilty. The behavior must be intentional, and must annoy or terrorize.

Defendants could face jail time if convicted of criminal harassment. Defendants found liable for civil harassment will likely end up having to pay damages to the plaintiff.

Criminal charges can only come from a prosecutor. So Kim Kardashian's lawyers may complain, but they can't file charges. It's unclear if any criminal action against will actually take place. Perhaps the attorneys were simply trying to use scare tactics to get the Kardashian-hater off the net.

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