Kim Kardashian Uses 'Hairy' Defense in Lawsuit Response

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on April 16, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Despite her smooth looks, Kim Kardashian is hairy. She says so herself in a court filing that cites her genetic and ethnic heritage in defense to a hair-removal company's lawsuit.

Kardashian's hairy admission was in response to a lawsuit by Radiant, maker of the No No Hair Removal System, gossip website TMZ reports. Radiant sued Kardashian last fall, claiming she deceived consumers while working as a celebrity spokeswoman for TRIA, a rival company's hair-removal product.

Kardashian's allegedly false statements in her TRIA endorsements place Radiant's No No system at an unfair disadvantage, the company's lawsuit claims, according to TMZ.

Among Radiant's allegations: That Kim Kardashian falsely claimed she uses TRIA over her entire body. TRIA is not safe to use on the face, head, neck, or genitals, Radiant asserts, according to TMZ.

Kardashian also allegedly claimed TRIA is her "secret" to remaining hairless, Radiant's lawsuit states. But the company says that's a lie, because Kardashian has publicly stated she's undergone professional hair-removal treatments for more than 10 years.

In response, Kim Kardashian states under penalty of perjury, "Being Armenian and hairy, I thought [TRIA] was the perfect product."

She also claims her statements about TRIA are totally true: Yes, she uses TRIA all over her body. Other statements -- like Kim's alleged claim that "You'll never need razors or shaving cream ever again" -- honestly reflect her experiences with TRIA, her court filing says.

Along with Kim Kardashian's hairy lawsuit admission, she's asking the court to dismiss Radiant's lawsuit. Her contract as TRIA's spokeswoman runs through 2013, TMZ reports.

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