Kevin Hart Settles Lawsuit With Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions Owner

By Lisa M. Schaffer, Esq. on October 24, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Kevin Hart settled an Intellectual Property suit brought against him for trademark infringement. In the end, it appear Hart's co-defendant, Lionsgate, has agreed to pay Plaintiff Scott Montoya an undisclosed sum out of their insurance policy, and both sides will cover their own legal costs.

Sure, Have the Insurance Company Pay Off the Plaintiff

In the lawsuit, Montoya says he is the owner of "Laugh Out Loud Comedy Productions," which has distributed stand-up comedy content on various platforms since 2009. Specifically, Montoya established The Laugh Out Loud Comedy Festival, and Laugh Out Loud Flix, an online originally produced stand-up comedy distribution platform.

In 2016, Hart applied for three separate trademarks for "Laugh Out Loud" related to a new comedy venture with Lionsgate; Hart also began buying domains and other intellectual property related to "LOL," hindering Montoya's ability to build his business. Montoya opposed those trademarks, sent a cease and desist letter, and tried to settle with Hart, but had found little traction in that process. So Montoya filed for an injunction against Hart for using any "LOL" trademarks, along with all profits that the comedian has made off the mark. Evidently the injunction filing was enough to make Hart and Lionsgate take notice.

LOL = Lots Of Lawsuits

Hart has been involved in multiple lawsuits of late. In October 2018, Hart was sued by a former business partner, iGo Marketing & Entertainment, for failing to pay the contracted 15% commission on a marketing deal brokered by iGo between Hart and Rally Healthcare. iGo is seeking damages of at least $1.8 million. In July 2018, Hart was sued by the game developer, Stand Up Digital.

The company developed a multiplayer video game called Gold Ambush, featuring Hart, his wife, and kids. Days prior to the game's release, Hart revealed his extramarital affair while his wife was pregnant. This confession allegedly ambushed the sales of Gold Ambush, and Stand Up is seeking $7 million in damages. In August 2017, Jay Collins filed a lawsuit seeking $50,000 in damages against Hart claiming his security guard beat Collins up, threatened Collins with a Taser, and called him derogatory profanities at a Philadelphia comedy event. Evidently, even with this suit settled, Hart still has LOL -- lots of lawsuits.

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