Kelly Rowland's Skype Engagement Sets Internet Abuzz

By Brett Snider, Esq. on December 17, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Former "Destiny's Child" singer Kelly Rowland has confirmed that she got engaged over Skype to her boyfriend Tim Witherspoon.

During an interview on "The Queen Latifah Show," Rowland confirmed with Latifah that the giant diamond ring on her finger was indeed an engagement ring and that her now fiance had proposed while she was in Bulgaria, reports ABC News. Fans flocked to social media to express their support.

But now that Witherspoon "put a ring on it," what's next for the couple?

Prenups 'When Love Takes Over'

For many couples who are recently engaged, a prenuptial agreement is the last thing on their minds. But for Kelly Rowland, who has had a fairly successful career post-"Destiny's Child," there are a number of reasons to consider protecting her assets prior to marriage.

If Rowland and Witherspoon continue to reside in Kelly's home state of Texas, the pair would have to split most of their property and investments down the middle if their future marriage ends in divorce. Texas, like California, is a community property state, so Rowland may end up losing much of the benefits of her hard "Work" in a divorce.

Skype Wedding?

First comes Skype love, then comes Skype marriage? The power couple may have been engaged over Skype, but the rules become a little trickier for couples who choose to marry over Skype.

These weddings over Skype, also known as "proxy weddings" are popular in cases where one or both spouses can't leave their current location -- like in the military or prison, reports The Blaze.

Rowland and Witherspoon are pretty likely to tie the knot in person, but if one of them ends up in jail, a proxy marriage might be the only option.

Does the Ring Mean a Thing?

When Rowland received her flashy engagement ring from her boyfriend, is there any legal reason why she should give it up if the engagement falls apart?

The courts have somewhat split on the issue of the engagement ring as a gift with or without strings attached. Some courts see the ring as an unconditional gift, meaning that Rowland would be able to keep it if the engagement is broken. Still others have viewed the ring as consideration for a promise to marry, meaning that the ring would go back to the Witherspoon if the wedding is off.

Rowland may be a dance "Commander" but she should consult a family law attorney just to be safe.

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