k.d. lang's Domestic Partnership Dissolved

By Andrew Lu on September 27, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

k.d. lang's domestic partnership with Jamie Price has officially been dissolved.

The 50-year-old singer, born Kathryn Dawn Lang, is single again after a nearly two-year domestic partnership with Price. The couple had known each other since 2003 when they were introduced through a Buddhist teacher, reports TMZ.

The couple reportedly signed off on a settlement agreement in which both parties waived their rights to partner support. They also agreed to a clean division of property: Each keeps her own.

Despite the relationship being a domestic partnership, the agreement and process to end the partnership feels very similar to a divorce proceeding of a marriage.

Not every state recognizes same-sex domestic partnerships, and the laws to dissolve a domestic partnership will depend on where you live. In most cases, the process of ending a domestic partnership is generally laid out in the domestic partnership agreement that the couple filed with the state. So think of the domestic partnership as a contractual agreement.

If a couple is unable to work out how property will be divided or whether partner support will be paid, a court may become involved, similar to a divorce. The judge may consider the partnership agreement as well as other factors like how long the relationship lasted and how much each partner contributed to the success of the other.

In k.d. lang's domestic partnership, the singer and her partner were able to work out an agreement on their own, likely with the help of their family law attorneys. They agreed to no alimony and each partner keeping her own property.

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