Katt Williams Sued for Torturing Woman With Witches and Punches

By Ephrat Livni, Esq. on March 18, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Comedian, rapper, and actor Katt Williams is known for his bizarre antics but even he has managed to surprise celebrity media. A lawsuit filed against Williams by an actress named Jamila Majesty claims that the comedian "organized a beatdown on her that included Wiccan sorcery," reports TMZ.

According to Majesty, the comedian invited her to his Malibu home two years ago, and it was a very weird visit. The actress is suing Williams for assault and battery, false imprisonment, and emotional distress.

No One Uses My Bathroom

According to the lawsuit filed by Majesty, things went awry when she asked Williams to use his bathroom. His reply was reportedly that no one uses his bathroom, followed by the aforementioned beatdown.

Following the request to use the bathroom, Majesty says, three women started punching her and continued to beat her up for three hours. She said she lost consciousness more than once and was bleeding.

Although media reports differ slightly on the details with respect to this claim, Majesty was burned in the face with a Newport cigarette too, possibly by Williams himself. The Source reports that Majesty suffered broken ribs, split tendons, scarring to her face and extreme emotional damage.

But wait -- we haven't gotten to the weird part yet. Here come the witches.

Witches' Brew

According to Majesty, there were Wiccan texts open in the room which had "teaching on sorcery and spells." She also stated in her suit that there was a fire going, with "unusual things" being put in the flames.

Jamila Majesty says that he was able to get out after a few hours and drove home bloodied. She said that he was too afraid to call the police for fear that Williams would seek revenge (or perhaps get his witch friends casting spells).

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