Katie Holmes' Secret Divorce Weapon: Disposable Cell Phone

By Deanne Katz, Esq. on July 11, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The quick divorce finalized Monday between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise may have been accomplished in part by her cell phone.

Cruise may have been surprised by the divorce, but Holmes was ready. She spoke to divorce lawyers and had her affairs in order before she broke the news. But she didn't talk on her own cell phone. Presumably, Cruise could have seen the calls and known what was up.

To cover her tracks, Holmes turned to a friend who provided her with a disposable cell phone according to CBS News.

That small step may have saved her months in family court over a drawn-out divorce.

Holmes and Cruise finalized their divorce settlement just 11 days after she filed the papers. That's a fast turnaround for anyone, never mind a millionaire Hollywood couple, one of whom was allegedly unaware that a divorce was looming.

During a divorce, there are a lot of things to process. Besides the hurt and emotional difficulty of ending a marriage, the couple may have assets that need to be sorted out.

Child custody and support issues are often negotiated and knowing what you want at the outset can streamline the process. An attorney can provide an objective viewpoint and be a good sounding board before a court gets involved.

Holmes was well aware of the value of a good attorney. During her divorce, she worked with three different law firms reports Los Angeles Times.

The details of the divorce settlement are private but Katie Holmes has primary custody and full control over educational decisions for daughter, Suri Cruise. Tom Cruise will continue to have a "meaningful relationship" with his daughter. That cell phone may have been crucial to the speedy resolution.

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