Kate Gosselin's Must Pay Marriage Counselor $10,000, Judge Rules

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on May 20, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

She may be famous for pawning off her eight kids on nannies and treating her ex-hubby like trash, but Kate Gosselin has never needed a marriage counselor.

Or at least that's what she continues to argue, even though a Pennsylvania judge has ordered her to pay about $10,300 to Sylvia Lafair, a woman who claims that she hit the streets of Los Angeles after Kate hired her to help save her dwindling marriage.

Katie, of course, is appealing.

This little legal battle has been going on for a while, with Kate Gosselin refusing to pay Sylvia Lafair and her Creative Energy Options company for services she says were rendered to Jon, reports E! Online.

Kate even got up in front of a judge and testified that Lafair never provided couples' counseling--she provided Jon counseling.

In fact, according to the site, Jon absolutely refused to join Kate in California (she was doing Dancing with the Stars) unless Sylvia Lafair was present.

What Kate Gosselin still fails to understand is that, just because Jon utilized the services of Lafair, doesn't mean that he's solely responsible for the debt that accrued before the divorce.

Debts are distributed equitably--or fairly--upon a divorce. Ordinarily, married persons are expected to support the physical and mental health of a spouse, including aiding in the payment of health and counseling services.

If medical debts exist at the time of a divorce, the costs are generally shared between both parties.

For whatever reason, the judge in question felt that it is fair to make Kate Gosselin pay the entire bill. If she really has a problem with it, she should sue Jon for his half.

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