Kardashian Card: Dash Lawsuit Demands $75 Million

By Minara El-Rahman on January 12, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It seems that the Kardashian card drama continues even after the Kardashian sisters cut ties with the Dash card. In fact, it is because the sisters cut ties with the Kardashian card that they are now facing a $75 million lawsuit, according to CBS News. The "Kardashian Kard" was called predatory because it "carried unreasonable fees and unfairly targeted unsophisticated young adults," FindLaw's Common Law reported.

The Kardashians chose to sever ties with the product three weeks after its launch. Now, the company that launched the "Kardashian Kard" is suing the sisters for breach of contract.

Revenue Resource Group LLC claims that as a result of the Kardashian sisters pulling out of the deal, they lost a total of $75 million. They claim that the sisters improperly terminated the two-year contract with the company to promote the Kardashian Kard on their website, through appearances, and through social media.

Mama Kardashian (Kim Kardashian Jenner) and their company Dash Dolls LLC are also named as parties in the lawsuit.

The lawsuit was filed by Revenue Resource Group LLC in Fresno, the Toronto Sun reports.

What Is A Breach Of Contract?

A breach of contract occurs when a party fails to fulfill their end of a bargain in a contract. Common breaches of contract occur when a party fails to perform on time, does not perform according to the terms laid out in the contract, or does not perform at all.

What Are Some Remedies For Breach of Contract?

Typical remedies for a breach of contract come in the form of damages. Damages are payment in one form or another that is made by the breaching party to the non-breaching party.

Given that the Kardashian sisters are the daughter of the late famous attorney Robert Kardashian, they may have the resources to fight this lawsuit back. Stay tuned for more details.

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