Juvenile Arrested in Fight Following Reunion with Lil Wayne

By Andrew Lu on August 20, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The rapper Juvenile was arrested over the weekend after a large fight allegedly broke out at a Miami Beach nightclub, The Miami Herald reports.

Juvenile, whose real name is Terius Gray, had just reunited onstage with fellow rapper Lil Wayne at the LIV nightclub in Miami Beach. The two had a long-running feud that spanned a decade and this was reportedly their first appearance together since the feud began.

Following the performance, Juvenile was allegedly involved in a fight that started inside the club and spilled out into the street, reports TMZ. Juvenile was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct for his role in the brawl.

It's not clear what started the alleged fight that led to Juvenile's arrest. Reports have not linked the fight to the rapper's public feud with Lil Wayne, which started after Juvenile's departure from the Hot Boys group. In typical rap fashion (see Drake/Chris Brown), the feud involved very personal and very public disses of family members, fiances, and significant others.

Fortunately, unlike the Chris Brown/Drake nightclub fight, there were no injuries reported in the fight that led to Juvenile getting arrested. That's despite the fact that club security did note that the fight created a "threat to life and property as well as the overall safety of the patrons inside," reports TMZ.

After the fight, Juvenile was taken to a police station and charged with disorderly conduct. For the arrest, Juvenile faces a second degree misdemeanor charge. He'll need a good criminal defense attorney as the crime carries a possible 60-day prison sentence.

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