Justin Bieber Settles Egging Lawsuit After Nearly 5 Years

By Lisa M. Schaffer, Esq. on November 21, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Perhaps married life is having a profound effect on The Biebs.

After a nearly five-year long battle, Justin Bieber and his neighbor, Jeffrey Schwartz, have finally settled their beef over the Egg War of 2014. For those of you that were busy with other matters back in January of that year, Bieber threw twenty eggs at Schwartz' home, apparently fed up with all the skirmishes neighbors often have over the years. After some back and forth, Bieber did pay Schwartz $80,000 in restitution. At $4,000 an egg, you'd think things were settled, but apparently not. There are no further details of the settlement, other than that "the matter has resolved in its entirety."

Though Criminal Matter Resolved Years Ago...

As with all good celebrity neighbor spats, the cops came, and Bieber was arrested. Though he could have been charged with a felony, since the damage was over $400 (this is Calabasas after all!), he was only charged with a misdemeanor. After pleading no contest, Bieber was sentenced to one year probation and 40 hours of community service. He also was forced to attend twelve hours of anger management classes.

...Schwartz Filed a Civil Lawsuit

Schwartz, CEO of an online auto dealer, claimed that his image was ruined from this incident, and that the damage to his used car dealer reputation cost him $1 million. Schwartz threatened to sue Bieber unless he paid him $1 million. When Bieber refused, Schwartz filed a lawsuit for assault and battery, claiming Bieber spit on him during the Egg War, as well as for emotional distress, claiming Bieber threw loud parties and drove his car dangerously through the neighborhood. Perhaps this sort of lawsuit is what was actually hurting Schwartz's reputation.

In an ironic twist, Bieber did what any reasonable neighbor would do in this situation. He sold his house in 2017 to Khloe Kardashian for $7.2 million. Hopefully Bieber and Schwartz can now move forward and have their own "happily ever afters."

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