Justin Bieber Pulled Over for Speeding at 100 MPH

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on July 06, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It wasn't a bird or a plane, but the silver bullet-like Biebermobile that got pop star Justin Bieber pulled over for speeding in Southern California this morning.

Believe it or not, the Biebs was allegedly clocked going more than 100 mph on U.S. 101 in Los Angeles about 11 a.m., KCBS-TV reports. A pair of California Highway Patrol officers stopped Bieber in his shiny chrome Fisker Karma -- a birthday present from his manager that cost $100,000, according to the Los Angeles Times.

So what's the likely penalty for Bieber's 100 mph joyride?

California's Vehicle Code spells out a schedule for speeding fines, depending on how fast a person is driving above the posted speed limit.

In Justin Bieber's speeding incident, CHP officers pulled him over on U.S. 101 near the Ventura Boulevard exit, according to KCBS-TV. Signs show the speed limit on that stretch of freeway is 55 mph, according to Google Street View.

That means Bieber was going at least 45 mph above the speed limit, which should amount to a $100 base fine, according to the Los Angeles County Superior Court. With additional state and county penalties, surcharges, and fees, the actual cost of the ticket could be as much as $400.

Now, it's not clear if Bieber actually got a speeding ticket, according to KCBS-TV. But the pop icon was cited for driving in a reckless manner, as he was allegedly weaving in and out of traffic, the Los Angeles Times reports.

There's always a chance Bieber could beat the ticket, perhaps by disputing the CHP officers' evidence. It's a stretch, but he could also try to prove his maneuvering was necessary to prevent harm (like avoiding a pedestrian). A local traffic ticket attorney can figure out the best route to take. Something tells us the well-coiffed singer has a slew of attorneys on his payroll.

Too bad Justin Bieber's speeding citation didn't happen a week ago. California's much-publicized amnesty program for traffic tickets ended June 30.

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