Justin Bieber Phone Number Prank May Lead to Lawsuit

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on March 30, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Pop star Justin Bieber released his new single "Boyfriend" this week. But a phone-number prank he unleashed three weeks ago has a Texas attorney calling for possible legal action.

Bieber, 18, sent a message in jest to his 19 million followers on Twitter: "Call me right now." The teen's tweet also included a Dallas-area phone number -- with the last digit replaced by a question mark, CBS News reports.

Beliebers worldwide began guess-dialing, and found two numbers that worked. The owners of those numbers, neither of whom is Justin Bieber, have been beating back annoying callers ever since -- to the tune of thousands every day.

"Justin, I know you're there!" one girl who fell for Justin Bieber's phone-number prank exclaimed in a voicemail, according to CBS. "I love you so much! I'm sorry I called so late. But, I just got your number. I love you. I love you. I love you so much. Please call me back!"

One of the pranked phone numbers belongs to a man named Kent who declined to give his last name. He's retained a lawyer who says she isn't ruling out a lawsuit.

"It's been very difficult getting substantive response from the Bieber camp. We're a little puzzled as to why," Kent's lawyer said.

As for possible legal action, the lawyer told gossip website TMZ her client deserves compensation for Bieber's "reckless" behavior.

In general, "recklessness" means a person knew, or should have known, that his action was unreasonably risky and likely to cause harm. Whether Bieber's tweet qualifies as "reckless" would be up for a jury to decide, if a case were to make it to trial.

But the other "victim" of the Justin Bieber phone-number prank, 81-year-old Dilcie Fleming, says she doesn't want to sue the pop star.

Instead of seeking a lawyer to deal with Justin Bieber's phone-number prank, Fleming says she'd be happy with just a letter of apology -- and concert tickets for her great-granddaughter. "She's in love with him," Fleming told CBS.

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