Judge Publicly Reprimanded for Groping Women at Texas Party

By William Vogeler, Esq. on December 20, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Judge Guy Williams could be the poster boy for a judiciary gone wrong, except he is probably too old for that now.

For many Americans today, the poster child is Judge Brett Kavanaugh for his beer-drinking and alleged womanizing college days. But compared to Williams, Kavanaugh is practically a choir boy.

Williams has been reprimanded for grouping three women at a party and texting one of them, "nice body for a 70 year old." Add to that arrests for drunk driving, public intoxication, and other misdeeds, and you have a judicial train wreck.

Groping Party

Like Kavanaugh, Williams denied the sexual assault allegations. However, the Texas judge admitted sending the offending text to his colleague.

Judge Sandra Watts and Williams were gathering for a group photo at a judicial function when, she said, Williams slid his hand down her back towards her buttocks. She told him to stop.

"He smiled and laughed and then reached down and literally grabbed and squeezed my butt," Watts told the State Commission of Judicial Conduct. "He smiled and continued to feel over my buttock area and squeezed my butt again."

Two court clerks at the party also complained about Williams. One woman said he touched her bottom, and the other said he rubbed against her breast.

The commission concluded that Williams "cast public discredit upon the judiciary."

Gave Him a Pass

The ABA Journal reported a second reprimand that accused Williams of improperly transferring custody of two children to a man in a family law case. The judge did it without a hearing, and without a motion from the man.

Williams knew he did something wrong because he vacated the order the next day. But something else was definitely not right with the judge.

In March, he was partially acquitted on a charge of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a road rage incident. Then in May, he was arrested on suspicion of public intoxication and resisting arrest after his vehicle crashed.

And in November, he was arrested on suspicion of driving drunk and unlawfully carrying a weapon. If that is not a train wreck, it's one waiting to happen.

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