Judge Busted for Stealing Underwear

By George Khoury, Esq. on April 11, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Not all arrests were created equal in terms of ridiculousness, or creepiness. Recently, a New York county judge, yes a judge, was arrested due to an alleged burglary at a neighbor's home. Apparently though, the judge wasn't after the family jewels, or anything traditionally valuable, but rather, the family's underwear.

It is alleged that Judge Robert Cicale broke into his neighbor's home, stole soiled women's underwear from the hamper, and then fled when the neighbor's 23 year old daughter saw him in the house, standing in her doorway. He was arrested on a nearby street with his alleged looted booty, several pairs of used women's underwear. The Suffolk County DA was quoted calling the case "highly disturbing." Though that may not quite encapsulate what we're all thinking.

Serial Panty Thieving Judge

Taking the case from just unbelievable to I can't believe that's not butter levels of ridiculous, the judge confessed to more than just this singular incident. He admitted to police that he has done the same thing several times in the past. Additionally, he confessed to having "urges" to steal underwear.

Despite his confession, the judge has pleaded not guilty, and is out on bail. Given his admission, and the facts being reported, it's not looking good for him. Fortunately for the neighborhood, he is being required to wear a GPS monitor, and has been served with a stay away order. Interestingly, he wrote the victim and family an apology letter. Not surprisingly, last week, the judge was officially suspended by the state's appellate court, though the suspension was with pay.

Creepy Judges

While the public seems to have gotten the message that sexual harassment is unacceptable, sadly it seems to be a regular occurrence that judges get busted for being creepy, or worse. Last year, it was Judge Kreep who was outed for the way he commented about female lawyers in his court, then Judge Kozinski retired amid serious allegations.

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