Jon and Kate Divorce: Reality Stars Split after Arbitration Decision

By Kamika Dunlap on December 27, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The couple who started out as Reality TV stars of "Jon & Kate Plus 8," will end the year in divorce.

Their divorce is now final.

In Jon & Kate's case, the arbitrator made a decision on the subject of dividing money and other property before it was been forwarded to the divorce judge.

Chicago Tribune article reports, that in the arbitration's final stages, the couple met for more than six hours at a law office in the Philadelphia suburbs to discuss unresolved marital issues, including custody of their eight children and the distribution of marital property.

The show came to an abrupt end amid Jon Gosselin's legal battles with the TLC network and the Gosselins' pending divorce.

Settling divorce can be a very complicated and painful process.

But here are some basics about divorce mediation and divorce arbitration.

Divorce mediation is a process in which divorcing spouses try to negotiate an acceptable divorce agreement with the help of a neutral third part or the mediator.

In arbitration, the neutral third party -- the arbitrator -- listens to the facts and then decides the case, just as a judge would.

Typically, using mediation to negotiate a divorce agreement is almost always going to take less time, cost less. However, in some cases that is not possible because of problems in the relationship or because a spouse is unwilling to mediate.

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