Joe Biden's Cadillac on Craigslist Offers a Key Security Lesson

By Admin on April 18, 2014 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Want to own a piece of presidential history? A man in Delaware is selling Vice President Joe Biden's old Cadillac on Craigslist.

Jeff Finkle, the seller, was apparently previously unaware that the car belonged to the VP. It was until Finkle allegedly found "important numbers," like Biden's wife's number, programmed into the Bluetooth that he made the connection, according to Business Insider.

When selling a car, you want to make sure to secure all of your personal information and property. So here are some security precautions to remember when you're selling your car.

  • Delete cell phone numbers. These days, many cars come with hands-free Bluetooth phone systems that allow you to program phone numbers directly into the car. Make sure that you delete all programmed cell phone numbers before you sell your car. Biden's wife probably wouldn't be too happy if a stranger started calling her or gave out her number.
  • Get rid of saved GPS directions. One of the most important pieces of information to get rid of before selling your car on Craigslist or through any other means is saved GPS locations. Although GPS devices can be helpful in giving directions or piecing together accidents, they can also be a source of personal information. This is especially relevant if your home address is saved in the car's GPS.
  • Toss out personal identifying information. Hopefully, Vice President Biden got rid of any other property that may have identifying information on there before he sold his car, like letters or documents with confidential information. For many people, their cars are like traveling storage bins and it's easy to leave things behind. However, do a thorough check before you sell your car to ensure that you get rid of any old mail or documents. These papers could bear your Social Security number or bank account information, so remove them to avoid identity theft.

Whether or not the Craigslist listing is really Joe Biden's Cadillac, forgetting these security tips when selling your car is akin to inviting criminals into your life.

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