"Jesus Christ" Booted from Alabama Jury

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on December 08, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Everyone should do their civic duty to participate in the grand experiment we call America. Vote. Recycle. Do jury duty when called.

And if opening that jury summons has ever caused anyone to ask, WWJD?, it looks like we have an answer.

She would show up.

This is the season when the birth of Christ is celebrated by members of his faith all around the world, but that is not why Jesus Christ turned up in a Jefferson County, Alabama, courtroom. Jesus arrived because she was called for jury duty.

Yes, she. When the potential juror, formerly known as Dorothy Lola Killingworth presented herself, the judge was skeptical. Circuit Court Judge Scott Vowell said, "It raised eyebrows, so I asked her if that were truly her name. She assured me that it was." As you may have guessed, the 59 year-old former Ms. Killingworth had completed a legal name change in probate court and of course had the drivers license to prove it.

Unfortunately, like her namesake, the aforementioned Jesus Christ's presence was a bit challenging to the room. Court administrator Sandra Turner told the Birmingham News that the other potential jurors were somewhat surprised by the presence of Christ. When her name was called, several people laughed. Jesus Christ finally had to be excused because her presence was just too disruptive. It seems she was asking more questions than she was answering.

Potential juror Christ was not being intentionally disruptive or difficult though, that much is clear. Unlike some Jefferson County residents, Christ did not try to get out of jury duty, Turner said. 

So friends, the next time you are called for jury duty please go and sin no more. Just serve without complaint. Jesus does, or tried to at least.

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