Jesse James and Sandra Bullock Win Full Custody of Child

By Minara El-Rahman on December 14, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

According to CBS News, Jesse James and Sandra Bullock have won full custody of child Sunny. This particular legal fight was definitely not sunny.

As we wrote about previously in Celebrity Justice, Sunny's mother (and Jesse James' ex-wife) Janine Lindemulder claimed that Ms. Bullock was trying to take away her daughter on ABC's Good Morning America.  

Sandra Bullock sent a letter to the California family court that claimed that Ms. Lindemulder was an "unfit" mother. Ms. Lindemulder has a less than stellar reputation as a porn star. Ms. Lindemulder served time in jail for tax evasion for failing to pay taxes in excess of $200,000. Ms. Bullock also protested that Ms. Lindemulder is married to a convicted felon.

CBS News quotes Mr. James as pleading to the court, "Good cause exists for the court to conduct a review to determine if (Sunny) will be safe with (Lindemulder). She should be restrained from allowing the child around pornographers, drug addicts, guns and firearms, felons and other unsafe environments."

The California family court agreed to grant full custody of Sunny to Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. Ms. Lindemulder is allowed weekly visitation of her daughter during daylight hours. However, the court did grant Ms. Lindemulder one overnight visit on Christmas Eve.

What Are Visitation Rights?

It is the right of the non-custodial parents (or grandparents) to visit their child (grandchild). These rights are determined by an agreement between the parties or by a court decree.

In this case, Ms. Lindemulder must abide by a court decree since the two parties could not reach an agreement about Sunny. Ms. Lindemulder was bitter about Ms. Bullock's involvement in the case. She was quoted by KTLA News as saying, "What would give her the right to take away my daughter? You know, this is my daughter. I am the best mother I can be."

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