Jersey Shore's JWoww Sued: Stole Tanning Bottle Design

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on August 12, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

The cast of MTV reality series Jersey Shore are no strangers to the law. Next up to face a courtroom is Jwoww, now sued over one of the cast's favorite pastimes: tanning. To be more specific, the suit centers around Jwoww's tanning lotion bottle design.

Jwoww, also known as Jenni Farley, was approached by a partnership called Phigogam about launching a tanning lotion line, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Apparently, they even got so far as to hammer out what the bottle would look like, The Hollywood Reporter reports. And, like most business arrangements that end in lawsuits, the relationship then soured.

Especially because Phigogam says that Jwoww then took the bottle design and went to another company, Australian Gold, to produce her line, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Phigogam is unhappy with the end result. Jwoww's line, produced by Australian Gold, sold around 115,000 bottles in one month, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

For those keeping count, that's a lot of would-be GTL aficionados.

And, for those unversed in the ways Jersey Shore, "GTL" stands for "gym, tan, laundry," which is the credo for most of the cast members of the MTV reality show.

What are Jwoww's odds of beating this case? Phigogam claims that they copyrighted the bottle design, according to The Hollywood Reporter. They say that the Australian Gold tanning lotion bottle looks suspiciously similar to theirs.

If that's the case, it seems that they might have a relatively strong case against the reality TV star. They also may be able to recover some big bucks considering Jwoww's tanning lotion turned out to be a hot seller. One thing is for sure, this is shaping up to be a relatively dramatic (legal-wise) year for Jwoww. Sued over the tanning lotion is probably not her biggest worry - she also recently fired off a demand to her ex, asking for certain "derogatory" photos of the star to be returned. One source posits that these "derogatory" photos are actually nudes.

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