'Jersey Shore's' Jwoww: NY Court Blocks Nude Photos

By Jason Beahm on January 20, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Guess who's in the news yet again? It's those crazy kids from Jersey Shore, America's favorite family. This time it is Jwoww, who is fighting her ex-boyfriend and manager, Thomas Lippolis.

JWoww, whose given name is Jenni Farley, argues that her ex is in possession of several naked photos of her that he does not have the right to distribute. Lippolis snapped the photos on his cell phone, the New York Daily News reports.

Now a judge has temporarily ruled that Lippolis does not have the right to sell or distribute the photos, according to TMZ. The New York judge apparently agreed that the the photos were taken "while she was under the effects of pre-surgical and post-surgical anesthesia." Lippolis had argued that Jwoww gave consent and was a willing participant. That's an issue of fact, which could be determinative.

Lippolis also disputed that the photos would harm Jwoww's reputation because she had already "expressed her desires to pose in Playboy." He might want to stick with the first argument, as the logic in the second seems dubious, at best.

Ultimately, the case is scheduled for arbitration, so it's still not a done deal.

New Jersey has a law recognizing an individual's right in the use of one's name, voice, signature, photograph or other likeness in any medium or any manner. The property right generally continues until ten years after death. Absent an exception, there is a requirement of consent in order to use or distribute photos of another person.

Miss. Jwoww's Playboy dreams notwithstanding, this case appears heading for a settlement.

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