Jersey Shore Italy Fight: Ronnie, Situation Assault Each Other?

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on May 24, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

What happens in Italy might not stay in Italy. A Jersey Shore Italy fight erupted, and reports are that Ronnie and "the Situation" assaulted each other in a serious brawl.

The cast, which can only be described as the epitome of class, has been filming Jersey Shore  Italy and photographers snapped pictures of the Situation returning home with a red, maybe bruised-up face, and Ronnie returning home with bloody knuckles.

Something must have gone down between the two - either that, or maybe both of them tripped and fell. Somehow.

The details, however, are a bit sketchy, and there is no news about what exactly happened between the two reality TV stars. However, it's likely that the possible brawl was captured by the MTV film crew.

As sad as it is, two dudes beating each other up makes for great reality television.

Rumors are, however, that the fight erupted and was the result of something to do with Sammi, Ronnie's ex-girlfriend that the Situation was semi-interested in way back in the first season of the show.

Would the Situation and Ronnie be facing any criminal charges? Probably not in the U.S., though there could be Italian charges brought if they assaulted each other and were handed off to the local police.

Though, since the two are both American citizens, one of them maybe could bring a civil lawsuit to recover for damages stemming from the assault. It would also be difficult to refute any allegations of assault because, well, MTV likely has it on tape.

This Jersey Shore Italy fight likely won't be the last one on this season given the rowdy cast. Viewers interested in seeing what went down will probably just need to stay tuned to watch Ronnie and the Situation assault and batter each other.

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