Jamie McCourt, Frank McCourt, And One Expensive Divorce

By Minara El-Rahman on March 11, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It seems like the infamous battling couple fighting over Dodgers ownership are bringing out the big guns. The big legal guns that is, and it is turning out to be one expensive divorce. The Los Angeles Times reports that Jamie McCourt, the soon to be ex-wife of Frank McCourt, has hired David Boies. Boies is well known as a skilled trial lawyer; especially for his high profile cases such as representing Al Gore before the U.S. Supreme Court after the 2000 presidential election. Boies is also part of the plaintiff lawyer team for the trial challenging Prop. 8 in California. She probably retained Boies because of the complicated issues in her divorce. However, both Jamie McCourt and Boies have declined to comment.  

We wrote about how the McCourts' divorce has been a messy affair that is riddled with accusations of infidelity, unfair dismissal, and questions surrounding marital assets in our Law and Daily Life blog.

It seems that since there are so many legal issues involved in this particular divorce, the McCourts need a legal dream team in order to make their split official. As a result, NBC Los Angeles reports that both Jamie McCourt and Frank McCourt will likely spend between $14 million and $19 million on their divorce lawyers. According to NBC Los Angeles, it is rare that a divorcing couple hires or retains more than one law firm in order to handle a divorce. NBC Los Angeles quotes Santa Monica lawyer Lynn Soodik as saying it is "very unusual" that each of the McCourts has retained multiple law firms.

It seems even the price tag of this divorce is puzzling attorneys. NBC Los Angeles reports that according to Santa Monica attorney Connolly Oyler, most high profile divorce cases cost an average of $5 million dollars.

It looks like someone is getting taken out to the ballgame in this case.

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