Jail Time for Woman Who Taped Dog to Fridge

By Tanya Roth, Esq. on July 12, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

It is a sad state of affairs between a man and a woman when things disintegrate to the point where she had to do something very, very bad to get his attention. At least, that is what Abby Toll must have thought when she taped her boyfriend's dog to the refrigerator. Upside down. That last part was just mean.

According to Denver ABC7 News, Ms. Toll was convicted of felony animal cruelty and was sentenced on July 9. While he could have hung Abby Toll out to dry, the judge did not. Instead of giving her the maximum 18 months in prison, Toll was sentenced to 30 days, 200 hours of community service, levied a $500 fine and put on three years probation.

Police were called to the scene of a disturbance in April of 2009, reports ABC7. They arrived to find the dog in question, a Shiba Inu named Rex, taped upside down to the fridge. And in what is actually the more troubling aspect of the case the dog's owner, Toll's boyfriend Brian Beck, had not yet released his pooch. His comment, per the police report was, "Take him down, you are so sick." Still, no release of dog.

Then, Toll in turn became angry and was reported to have said, "No, you are sick for not caring enough about me to get rid of the dog." It's a toss-up which two legged animal in this scenario is the most damaged, the one responsible, or the one without enough of a brain to TAKE THE DOG DOWN.

Needless to say, Beck, was cited for misdemeanor attempted animal cruelty in the case for not "immediately rendering assistance to Rex." Additional positive outcomes from the incident: Toll will also be attending classes for domestic violence, mental health and anger management. Rex has found a new home with a family who has renamed him Yoshi. This reportedly means "good luck" in Japanese.  

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