J.Lo Sued for Not Making Hoverboards More Popular

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on April 03, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Hoverboards, those inaccurately named and infinitely injurious contraptions, remain a thing. But one hoverboard company is claiming that their product could be more of a thing, if only Jennifer Lopez had properly promoted the brand on Instagram and Twitter.

Sidekick Group Corp says it gave J.Lo over $50,000 worth of merchandise to use in a concert series, in return for promotion on social media, and is now contending that one tweet didn't fulfill that obligation.

Killing It

According to their lawsuit, Sidekick provided Lopez with 42 custom hoverboards for her "All I Have" residency at the Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas. Rather than providing payment for the boards, Lopez agreed to do promotional posts for the company and its products on her Instagram or Twitter account, once every three months. Sidekick says she only posted once:

Sidekick claims the customized boards were worth $54,390 and want to be reimbursed.

A Company Killed

As Gizmodo noted, Sidekick's own website is down and its social media accounts have been silent since March 2016. Perhaps if Jenny From the Block and Richard Sherman (who the company also threatened to sue for failure to promote the brand) had been bigger influencers, Sidekick would still be up and running rolling around.

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