It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp...

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on November 23, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

… and in the courtroom if you’re Anthony McCord, a Brooklyn pimp seeking expert status.

A pimp since 2000, McCord requested that a judge qualify him as an expert witness in pimping. He would like to explain the lifestyle and the pimp-prostitute relationship to a jury.

What jury, you ask? That would be the jury tasked with deciding his guilt. McCord is currently under prosecution for the rape and robbery of a prostitute.

And if there’s any question about it, he’s representing himself.

Prosecutors accuse the pimp of beating, raping and robbing a "freelancer"--a woman who sold sex but withheld his cut. But Anthony McCord claims the sex was consensual, and that the beating was just part of the relationship.

Though he can technically testify about his relationships, and general information about the pimping business, McCord seems to think a pimp expert would be better at convincing a jury. He, of course, is the best pimp for the job.

His qualifications include reading, seeing and hearing every book, movie and song related to the subject matter, reports the New York Daily News. He's also "a member of a quiet society of pimps."

Though an outside pimp expert may have had a better shot at certification, the judge said no to McCord. Having the defendant testify as an expert witness would just confuse the jury.

Plus, Anthony McCord lacks a bit of credibility. By his own admission, the majority of his knowledge comes from fictional sources. He's not a pimp expert--he's an expert at pimping pimp media.

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