Is Law School Worth the Time and Expense? It Depends.

By Laura Temme, Esq. on December 12, 2019

If you're someone walking around with "J.D." or "Esq." behind your name, chances are someone thinking of going to law school has sought your advice. They always ask the same question - Is law school worth it? Unsurprisingly, the answer is the same one many lawyers give for a multitude of inquiries: It depends.

What Young Attorneys Have To Say

Attorneys who earned their degrees over the last ten years or so told U.S. News that, for the most part, they think obtaining a law degree was worthwhile. Many who pursue a law degree can't imagine doing anything else, so practicing law is worth the years of challenging study. However, some said that although becoming a member of the bar was worth it for them, they might not encourage others to do the same due to the high price tag of legal education. Many felt dubious about the high cost of tuition, not to mention the relative lack of scholarships and financial aid compared to other programs. But for several, even the continued student loan payments were outweighed by the intangible benefits of being a lawyer.

My Two-Cents

Whenever someone asks me if law school was worthwhile, I think of some words of wisdom bestowed on me while I was studying for the bar exam. I was deep in the weeds on secured transactions, sleep-deprived, living on the money I could make from bartending at night. A family friend asked how I was doing, and I said that I hoped all the stress of the last three years would be worth it. Their answer has stuck with me ever since:

"No matter what you decide to do after this, you'll never regret investing in yourself."

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