Is Alcoholic Whipped Cream the Next Four Loko?

By Admin on November 30, 2010 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Out of Four Loko and hungry for your next candy-coated alcohol buzz? Perhaps you should check out the next alcoholic product that's trending: alcoholic whipped cream.

Whipped Lightning is making one such product, called Whipahol. Whipahol contains 18 percent alcohol and comes in several flavors. A company by the name of Cream is making another alcohol-infused whipped cream which contains 15 percent alcohol. According to reports, both are quickly becoming popular on college campuses. So far there have not been any suggestions that the products violate the law.

Four Loko was pulled off the shelves after the FDA found that alcoholic caffeinated drinks were not safe. According to doctors, consumers might not realize how much alcohol they have consumed because the caffeine reduces the perception of its effects.

The ban came after messy incidents on college campuses where students wound up hospitalized after consuming Four Loko. In one case, officials originally suspected a mass drugging. Instead, it was just plain old Four Loko.

Speaking of Four Loko, the company is set to launch a new line of products this week. The new drinks won't have any caffeine, but they will still pack a mean punch of alcohol.

When Four Loko was under consideration for being banned, Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna said, "[Four Loko is] marketed to kids by using fruit flavors that mask the taste of alcohol ... They're packaged just like non-alcoholic drinks, but include a dangerous dose of malt liquor."

One can only wonder whether the alcoholic whipped cream is really any different. If not, are we likely to see Whipahol bans?

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