iPhone's Siri Speaks, But Not Legalese

By Andrew Chow, Esq. on November 09, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Without question, "Ask Siri" is one of the more popular features of the new iPhone4S.

But hold the phone -- while Siri may be able to find directions to the courthouse or the nearest Starbucks, she doesn't always have the answers that attorneys really want to hear. You know, like "What else can I do with a law degree?" Or "Can you die from sleep deprivation?"

We called Siri to the stand and posed a series of questions that lawyers might ask. Here's how she responded:

How did I become a document review drone? Siri: "Let me check on that... OK... How about a web search for 'how did I become a document review drone'?" [Sure, just let me finish reviewing this document first...]

Is Baker & McKenzie hiring? Siri: "I found a number of bakeries fairly close to you." [Close enough. Are they accepting resumes?]

What's the best way to get my boss to like me? Siri: "I don't see any places matching 'like me.' Sorry about that." [We won't be moving up the ladder with that answer, Siri.]

What else can you do with a law degree? Siri: No response. [Yeah, that's pretty much what a lot of us JDs were thinking you'd say.]

Can I bill for my three-martini layover at an airport lounge? Siri: "I found a number of lounges not far from you." [Hmm, that'll make for a happy, billable hour...]

What is the rule against perpetuities? Siri: "Let me check on that... Would you like to search the web for 'what is the rule against perpetuity'?" [Not in my lifetime (plus 21 years)...]

What is considered a "minimum contact" for personal jurisdiction? Siri: "Let me think... No answer was forthcoming. How about a web search?" [That's an Erie response...]

Is it ethical to bill for brainstorming in the shower? Siri: "I can't search near businesses. My apologies." [C'mon Siri, don't throw in the towel so quickly!]

How many years does it take to get an MBA again? Siri: "Let me check that for you... I don't know that. Would you like to search the web for it?" [You're getting schooled here, Siri, seriously...]

When is the next scheduled MCAT? Siri: "I didn't find any meetings about 'scheduled M-C-A-T.'" [Try again, stat!]

How can I get away with taking naps in the office? Siri: "Uh oh, your work address isn't set. Tap your name if you'd like to edit." [Maybe later, sooo tired...]

What in the world is replevin? Siri: "I don't understand 'what in the world is replevin.'" [Join the club, Siri. Join the club.]

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