iPhone Captures Video of Grandma, 66, Shooting Her Son-in-Law

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on December 14, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

A 66-year-old Florida grandmother shot her son-in-law three times at point-blank range when he came to pick up his son. Sal Miglino, the victim, captured the entire incident on film using his iPhone.

He said he expected "something stupid to happen," according to ABC News.

The shooting occurred last week when Miglino came to the grandmother's home to pick up his 3-year-old son. The grandmother, Cheryl Hepner, is the mother of Miglino's estranged wife.

When he approached Hepner's house she pulled out a .22 caliber Beretta handgun and started firing. Miglino was hit twice in the shoulder and in the ribcage. He managed to wrestle the gun away from her. He was also able to get into his car and call for help.

Video of the incident includes audio of the gunshots - and Miglino's response:

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The bloody incident may have been the culmination of years of bitter contention. Hepner's daughter previously filed a restraining order against Miglino, and the couple has spent two years locked in divorce proceedings, according to ABC News.

Police arrested Hepner and booked her for attempted murder. Attempt crimes typically require individuals to intend to commit the actual crime and take a substantial step towards completion of the crime. Investigators say that Hepner pulled the handgun out from behind a bag she was holding when Miglino pulled into her driveway.

She also fired at him not once, but three times. From her actions, it seems plausible to infer that Hepner intended to kill.

Maybe Sal Miglino is lucky that he managed to get the incident on tape. Authorities say that the grandmother who shot her son-in-law at first claimed that she was the victim. Unfortunately for her, the video corroborated Miglino's version of the events.

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