Inventor of 'Bullet Button' Skirts Spirit of New CA Gun Laws

By Jonathan R. Tung, Esq. on July 12, 2016 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Whenever state gun laws tighten restrictions on firearms, a demand is created for devices that will skirt the new restrictions. And that's just what has happened with the recent release of the "Bullet Button Patriot Mag Release," which defies California's new gun laws.

Days after Jerry Brown signed into law new language that made quick release of magazines more difficult, a company softened the sting for gun lovers by introducing a device that helps speed up reloading after the gun has been partially disassembled. No doubt demand is white hot.

Legislative Crackdowns

It's only been weeks since Jerry Brown enacted a pair of bills (AB 1135 and SB880) that substantially expanded California's power to regulate so-called "assault weapons," a term that enjoys no universal definition and has generated much heated debate. The new legislation, as of Tuesday of last week, instantly made a number of large high capacity rifles illegal within the state because they featured a now banned mechanism known as a "bullet button." This mechanism allows a user to quickly eject his magazine and slap in another freshly loaded magazine.

This attempt to make reloading more laborious is a direct response by gun-control advocates who've taken the view that gunmen can too easily reload to kill victims. The laws were passed swiftly following the shootings in San Bernardino, much to the NRA's chagrin.

Darin Prince: Scion of the Gun Community

The man who is largely credited for inventing the fast-deploying magazine device is back again, this time in response to the California ban. Under California's current laws, magazines will require a partial disassembly of the gun. But Darin Prince already has what ails gun-lovers. The "Patriot Mag Release."

Although an assault rifle will still have to be partially disassembled, the real time-consuming tasks are largely addressed by Prince's tool. And since the gun has to be partially disassembled, it's compliant with the new laws.

We suspect that new gun control legislation will be coming -- swiftly. And enterprising individuals will be right there waiting.

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