International Beer Day -- Don't Celebrate and Drive!

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on August 02, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Every day can be beer day if you believe in yourself. But International Beer Day this Friday can give casual beer consumers a chance to cheers with connoisseurs and cicerones over the latest and greatest in IPAs, sours, or standard lagers. It also opens the door for overconsumption.

Part of celebrating beer is not drinking too many beers -- after all, after a few too many you can't enjoy the subtle hop complexities in a well-executed pilsner. The other part is not getting behind the wheel after drinking. So before you raise a goblet, nonic, or pint tomorrow, spend a few minutes with our latest and greatest DUI posts:

1. Top 5 Tips for DUI Checkpoints

If the fuzz get wind of tomorrow's celebrations, chances are they might have a checkpoint or two near your favorite watering hole. So, can they really stop everyone? Are you allowed to turn around? What's the worst thing you can do at a DUI checkpoint?

2. Top 5 Common DUI Questions

Everything you need to know, from breathalyzers to lawyers.

3. First Time DUI? Top 5 Laws You Need to Know

Your first drunk driving arrest can be scary, especially if you don't know what's going on or what to expect. Learn about your Miranda rights if you get pulled over, the likelihood your case will go to trial, whether diversion programs might be available, and if you'll need to get one of those ignition interlock devices to start your car.

4. 5 Ways to Make a DUI Worse

A DUI is bad enough -- make sure you don't make it worse.

5. Drunk Driving Court: Top 5 DUI FAQs

If your case does go to court, do you need an attorney there? Should you plead guilty? If so, can you get a DUI expunged from your record?

6. 7 Most Common DUI Penalties

And if you do plead guilty or get convicted of a DUI, what happens? The punishment can depend on the specifics of your case, but here's what happens most often.

7. 3 DUI Statistics You Should Know

You probably don't need the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to tell you more people are intoxicated behind the wheel over the weekend. But did you know that fewer of those folks have too much alcohol in their system, and more of them are testing positive for drugs?

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