Interesting CLE: Virtual World, Real Ethics Credits

By Brian Kumnick on June 24, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Well, we just can't pass this one up. California attorneys, how about a free hour of ethics MCLE credit, earned from the comfort of your office chair? All you have to do this Thursday, June 25, is make your way to the Avalon Town Courts in Second Life.

Umm, yes, Second Life. That virtual world thing, the one that claims it's "the Internet's larget user-created, 3D virtual world community," in which you can apparently wander forever seeing the sights, buy virtual land and set up a business, or think up some crazy new use for a virtual world and make it happen. It's whatever you make it, say its creators, and for some legal-minded users, that means it's a golden opportunity to . . . form a bar association and talk shop. Yes, there is a Second Life Bar Association, in case you find that your real-world lawyer activities aren't interesting or time-consuming enough and you'd like to take them online. Perhaps you don't envision spending your nights and weekends this way, but let's not judge. After all, you're getting real MCLE credit here, for free.
Thursday's seminar, entitled "California Attorney Disciplinary Proceedings," will feature attorney Carol M. Langford as its speaker. You are admonished to get yourself set up as a Second Life user ahead of time, to figure out all the technical issues. But if you can get it installed and find your way to the seminar, you just might run into us. We could always use some ethics credits.

The full course description, from the seminar page: "Learn the grounds for attorney discipline and the ins and outs of the process from initial complaint of misconduct, through investigation, pretrial and trial proceedings, and review. Ms. Langford will also discuss appropriate disciplinary measures and mitigating factors. The presentation is primarily focused on California law, but disciplinary proceedings in federal courts will be discussed as well. "
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