Indiana Police Officer Has Sex in City Pool While Children Watch

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on July 22, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Myron Helms is a reserve officer with the Laurel Police Department. Now, to add to his list of accomplishments, he has been arrested for having sex with a woman in a public pool in Connersville, Indiana.

Apparently, Helms and his lovebird (identified as Victoria Cross, 40) were having some adult play time at the Roberts Park Family Aquatic Center, reports WLWT-TV.

Note that the public pool facility has the word "family" in it. Ironic, considering their behavior in the pool was nowhere near something that can be considered family-friendly.

Helms and Cross actually went at it for a good thirty minutes before pool patrons complained to the manager, WLWT-TV reports.

Witnesses, including children, were there to view the provocative show.

The manager went over to tell the pair to stop their lovemaking. At that point, Cross moved away from Helms, and the manager could see Helms' "private area," The Daily Mail reports.

Police were called, and Helms and Cross were given no-trespass orders. These orders would have essentially barred the two from returning to pool property.

Responding police said that the people near the pool were "visibly disturbed by the incident."

The pool's cleanup crew was probably also disturbed, and disturbed enough to make the pool go through some extra vigorous cleaning, including recycling the "whole water" system and putting in new chemicals, reports The Daily Mail.

Prosecutors have responded by filing public indecency charges against both Helms and Cross, WLWT-TV reports. In Indiana, a person who knowingly or intentionally engages in sexual intercourse in a public place is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor.

The Laurel Police Department has since placed Myron Helms on unpaid leave, WLWT-TV reports. Though, the next time you visit a pool in Connersville, Indiana - or any pool for that matter - you might want to remember public pool water may be murkier than you think.

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