In the Matter of: Pac. Lumber Co., No. 08-40746

By FindLaw Staff on September 29, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

In a challenge to a confirmed Chapter 11 reorganization plan, the confirmation of the plan is affirmed in part where: 1) certain noteholders did not preserve their challenge to the plan's treatment of their secured claims; and 2) the plan did not create a substantive consolidation.  However, the order is reversed in part where: 1) the equitable mootness doctrine did not bar review of issues raised on appeal concerning the treatment of noteholders' secured claims, it did not bar re-evaluation of whether their administrative priority claim was correctly calculated, and it did not bar review of the plan's release clauses insulating multiple parties from liability; and 2) the bankruptcy court may have made a mathematical error and deprived noteholders of a post-petition administrative priority claim.

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Filed September 29, 2009


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