If George W. Bush Can Report for Jury Duty, So Can You

By Christopher Coble, Esq. on August 06, 2015 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Have a good excuse for getting out of jury duty? Bag it. If the former leader of the free world can show up and serve, so can you.

Former President George W. Bush reported for jury duty on Wednesday, destroying everyone else's chances of skirting jury service on a flimsy excuse. Thanks, Dubya.

Former President, Reporting for Duty

President Bush reported to the George Allen Courts Building in Dallas and Judge Eric Moye took the opportunity to remind us all that weaseling out of our jury service is bad:

"One of the remarks I made to [the] jury was all of you have some reason why you have to do something else. But take a look over and see you have the former president who has given his time to be here, so think how good your excuses for getting out of here really are."

Once his guilt trip was completed, the judge got down to the business of releasing President Bush the Younger from his service. "He was number 27 of a 35 member panel and we only got through number 23," Judge Moye told the Dallas Morning News. So close!

Do Your Duty

Jokes aside, Dubya should be commended for reporting and being willing to serve on a jury. While some see jury service as a hassle, it provides a fundamental right to our fellow citizens and an opportunity to take part in a court system many of us complain about. (Plus your boss has to give you time off for jury service -- it's like a jurisprudential vacation!)

After all, I'm sure a former president could've come up with a better excuse than liking CSI on Facebook, wearing a prisoner costume, or mentioning a friendship with Jeffrey Dahmer. If Mr. T can do it, so can you.

No word on whether Bush would've asked John Yoo for help with any tricky legal concepts or left the courthouse under a "Mission Accomplished" banner.

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