Ice Cream Truck Feud: Cops Tell Drivers Turf War Must Chill

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on June 01, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Can't we all just get along?

That's what Theodore Finnell and a rival ice cream man in Uniontown, PA were asked last week after Finnell's wife informed police that a year-long ice cream truck feud had escalated into a potentially dangerous and rocky road war.

With permits on the line, the two must now work together and chill out.

From the perspective of Theodore Finnell and his wife Patty, an unnamed rival ice cream man has been harassing them for the last year, reports WTAE-TV.

The pair claim that on Friday afternoon, the ice cream truck feud escalated, with the other driver pushing them off the road, cutting in front of them, and then slamming on his brakes.

Their rival claims that Finnell cut him off and then shouted an expletive.

Maybe he was yelling about what a Clusterfluff the situation had become?

Anyway, though WTAE-TV reports that no charges have been filed, police threatened to have the city pull both trucks' permits if they don't stop acting like drumsticks.

Not surprisingly, this is a real option.

Most vendor permits are contingent on applicants following local law and safety ordinances. If one or both of the ice cream rivals are putting children, pedestrians and other motorists at danger by disturbing the peace or driving erratically, then the city has good cause to kick them both to the curb.

Hopefully, for the sake of a delicious summer, Theodore Finnell and his rival can soon sit down, share a little Imagine Whirled Peace, and end the ice cream truck feud once and for all.

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