ICE Agent Shoves, Injures Immigration Lawyer in Kansas City

By George Khoury, Esq. on June 27, 2018 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

While tensions are about as high as they have ever been between ICE agents and the public, disturbing news out of Kansas City may inflame matters even further.

Attorney Andrea Martinez, while assisting a three-year-old boy reunite with his mother who was in the process of being deported, was pushed by ICE agents, and fell to the ground, suffering serious injury. The incident happened in the middle of night, and was captured on camera. The attorney rolled her ankle, fractured her right foot, and the fall also caused quite a bit of blood.

Disturbing Facts

As reported by the Kansas City Star, Martinez was escorting the young child to an ICE office. When she arrived with her client, the boy was forcibly taken behind closed doors. She was shoved forcefully, and the door locked so that she could not be present with her client. She explained that the push caused her to roll her ankle, fall, fracture her foot.

Martinez was eventually allowed to come in and verify that her client and his mother had been reunited, but that was supposed to happen in the parking lot, out in the open. Before that happened though, she was placed in a locked room and denied first aid.

While the agents did make good on their promise to reunite the mother and son, the ICE agents had another broken promise in store for the boy and his mother. The two were not allowed to take their belongings with them, including a blue stuffed dinosaur toy that was a gift from the boy's father.

ICE Cold

As for ICE's response to the incident, well, let's just say it's ice cold. Apparently, they are still reviewing the incident. Nevertheless, there has been no official apology, and given the political climate surrounding immigration and ICE's enforcement actions, immigration advocates shouldn't be holding their breath for one.

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