Hunter Sues Travel Agency Over Lack of Elephants to Shoot

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on February 03, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Ever dream of shooting an elephant? No? Me either. But a Polish man did. And he's now suing a German tour operator for failing to send him to a place where he could live out his dream.

Not content with smaller or local game, the plaintiff, a Mr. I., set his crosshairs on an African elephant. And because all dreams don't come true at Disneyland, the Polish hunter hired a German tour company known for organizing hunting expeditions to find him some elephants to kill, reports Reuters.

While the company most often provides their clients with the opportunity to hunt small game--wild boar, sheep, and pheasant--it organizes hunting expeditions across the world. The tour operator sent him on a hunting safari in Zimbabwe, reports Gadling, one of a few African nations that have yet to outlaw elephant hunting to protect dwindling populations. The trip, sadly, proved to be elephantless.

Devastated, the company agreed to send him on another trip, notes Reuters, despite the fact that the Polish hunter "should have seen elephant excrement" on his first visit. The droppings would have led him to the 8,000 pound animal. Apparently, Reuters further reports, the elephant poop showed itself on his second outing, providing the hunter with a trail to follow and the opportunity to show the wild animal who's the boss. He's still suing.

Everyone is entitled to their lofty hopes and dreams, but I still can't help but wonder about the significance of the elephant. Perhaps there's a little manly overcompensation going on?

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