Hugh Hefner's Puppy Custody Battle Heats Up

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on December 27, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Hugh Hefner's puppy, a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Charlie, is the subject of a hotly debated ownership battle. Hefner and ex-fiancée Crystal Harris are locked in a dog custody squabble.

Hefner, 85, and Harris, 25, both want the dog.

The Playboy mogul and Harris split shortly before they were due to wed. Hefner insists he "missed a bullet" by not going through with the nuptials.

Maybe he did, because Harris was romantically linked to Jordan McGraw shortly after their engagement ended.

Hefner's not doing so badly himself. He's already moved on and moved in with new girlfriends Anna Sophia Berglund and Shera Bechard. He calls them his "girls," according to the New York Daily News.

But somehow life is not complete without Charlie the puppy. Hefner reportedly even offered Harris the Bentley and her engagement ring in exchange for the beloved dog. It's a pretty sweet offer, considering the ring went up for auction at Christie's and sold for $47,500.

Add that to the cost of the Bentley, and you probably have a six-figure sum.

Most pet custody battles aren't going to be as extravagant. Yet, more and more Americans are increasingly attached to their furry friends. Battles over who gets to keep the dog are not uncommon. In many states, the dog will typically be treated like any marital property. The pooch will be divided along with the estate. Other states will go beyond property law and delve into deeper issues such as visitation rights.

To avoid woes like Hefner and Crystal Harris' dog custody battle, it's probably best to write out a pet prenup before you get married. That way when you split, there won't be a messy fight over who gets to keep Fido. One can only hope that Hugh Hefner's puppy squabble ends amicably.

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