How to Reject Buyout Offers

By William Vogeler, Esq. on November 20, 2017 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Year-end sales don't just happen in retail businesses.

This year, at least, big business is also in the market. Broadcom wants to buy Qualcomm, and Hasbro is negotiating to get Mattel.

So far, the would-be sellers have rejected the offers. But lawyers are working through the holidays and talking about how to say "no" between the lines.


What they're really saying is, "no, but let's talk." Qualcomm rejected Broadcom's $103 billion takeover bid, saying it was too low.

That exchange pushed Qualcomm shares up to about $65 a share -- almost two percent -- on the stock exchange. Broadcom's slipped about half a percent at the same time.

Analysts say Broadcom could start a proxy fight, but the simplest option would be for the companies to agree on a higher price. Analyst Christopher Rollad told Reuters the right price could be between $80 and $85 a share.

Each party is considering its options. But with deadlines looming, their lawyers are talking -- to each other.


Meanwhile, Mattel has turned away an offer from Hasbro. USA Today said negotiations are confidential, but reports suggest Mattel is "trying to drive a hard bargain."

With Toys 'R' Us declaring bankruptcy, Hasbro wants to capture some of the market this season. It's no secret that this is the best time of the year for all toysellers.

By leaking some details, however, Mattel could leverage its stock price for a buyout at the right price and time. Of course, nobody is reporting that is the company's strategy.

But Mario Gabelli said his fund bought Mattel stock on the news, and its shares shot up 6.6 percent.

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