How to Hire a Divorce Attorney

By Cynthia Hsu, Esq. on March 22, 2012 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

So your marriage is ending. The last question you probably want to tackle is how to hire a divorce attorney. But inevitably, you may need to find someone to handle your case.

First figure out if you want to hire a lawyer. If you have a complicated divorce, or if you think there will be contested issues you may want to consider getting an attorney. But just know that there are drawbacks. Getting an attorney might make the process more emotional or antagonistic.

Now that you've decided that you want an attorney, there are several considerations you should think about.

Choose someone with experience.

You should try to hire an attorney who is familiar with your jurisdiction's laws. And you should choose someone who has the specific skill and expertise applicable to family law cases.

Consider their strengths and practice strategies.

Talk with your prospective attorney first. Figure out if they are as committed as you are to pursue the resolution you want. For example, if you hope to resolve the case without going to court, make sure your attorney feels the same way about your strategy.

Be comfortable with them.

Ensure that you are comfortable speaking with your attorney about your private information. Divorce cases involve your children, financial assets, and personal life. You may end up speaking at length with your lawyer about these issues. So it's vital that you feel at ease.

Negotiate fees.

Also, make sure that you talk about fees. You may want to look up multiple divorce attorneys to compare their style, and their cost. But weigh costs against finding the best attorney possible. Sometimes the "cheapest" attorney is low-cost for a reason.

If you are wondering how to hire a divorce attorney, try to remember these tips as they can help you narrow down the lawyer pool.

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