How Technology Is Already Improving Law School Experience

By George Khoury, Esq. on February 19, 2019 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

From laptops to smartphones, the law school experience certainly isn't what it used to be. Not many things are "how they used to be" given how integrated everyday life has become with all the latest technology.

But when it comes to law school classrooms really taking advantage of the cutting-edge technology available today, few are actually doing it. However, with how much more accessible certain technologies are becoming, it seems that it might only be a matter of time before every law school offers virtual reality learning sessions.

Student Tech

When it comes to computing, students these days have quite a bit at their disposal. From tablets, to laptops with touch screens, to ultraportable options, simply put, taking a computer to class no longer requires backbreaking computer bags. And text books that aren't available digitally can be de-bound, scanned, and put on a tablet.

Additionally, for prospective law students more interested in a tech-centric legal career, it might be worth considering a school that provides more avenues to make that a reality. There are not too many law school that are focused on legal tech, however, those numbers are changing.

Teaching Tech Competency

Notably, as legal industry adopts certain technological standards and competencies, law schools need to keep up. For example, every law school teaches students how to conduct online legal research because that is now an industry standard skill that every lawyer needs to know. Who knows, soon, every law school will have a section in their legal writing courses devoted to email etiquette as email has become a dominant form of even formal correspondence these days.

What About Online Law School?

While an ABA accredited 100% online law school still doesn't exist, there are part-time online programs that allow students additional flexibility over the traditional part-time, year-round, four-year, night school route and the usual three-year standard route.

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