How Not To (or How To) Get a Law Job: Post Nude Selfies on Facebook

By Gabriella Khorasanee, JD on July 29, 2013 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Earlier this week, newly admitted, and jobless, Delaware attorney Brian Zulberti posted a nude selfie of himself on Facebook -- asking for a legal job. I know, you're re-reading that and asking yourself if you're seeing straight. We did too.

When we originally conceived of this post we were going to write about why you shouldn't post nude selfies to get legal jobs. But then we did some due diligence, and in reading Zulberti's latest Facebook updates, it appears that his desperate plea may have worked. He's been on the radio, and featured on the news in the U.K. and Romania.

He even got a legal job interview.

Zulberti is definitely getting his fifteen minutes of fame. But will he actually get a legal job? Even if he does, really, he’s not setting a good example. So, we’re sticking to our guns, and going out on real big limb, and saying you should not try to find a job this way. Here are some other things to learn from Brian Zulberti …

1. Basically, Really, Usually, Nude Selfies Are Not a Good Idea

Come on, everyone knows prospective employers look at Facebook. So even if you are not job hunting right this second, stop and think before taking naked pictures of yourself and posting them online. No one cares, and it under normal circumstances, it will hurt your chances of getting a job. If you really want to see yourself naked, make yourself a calendar on Shutterfly and hang it on your wall, where only you have to see it.

2. Proper Spelling and Grammar are Necessary

If you are going to post a public note, (or any form of communication for that matter), make sure you are using proper grammar, and spelling words properly. You’re a lawyer, use spell check. You are expected to know how to spell, and when to use “a” versus “an.” But, in Zulberti’s case, looks like crayons don’t have spell check.

3. Don’t Include Pictures with Job Requests

In addition to the bizarre Facebook post, Zulberti also basically spammed thousands of attorneys with an email asking if they knew of any open legal positions. The email had an attachment. No, it was not a resume. It was the picture of him, with a shirt, showing off his “guns”. If you are looking for a job as a bouncer, by all means, send photos of your muscles. If you’re looking for a job as a lawyer, prospective employers will be more interested in your mental muscles. We hope.

We don’t wish Zulberti ill; in fact, we want all new graduates to find the employment they studied so hard to get. And, hey, he took a chance. But we think this is a better rule: don’t sell out, or sell yourself short. The right job will come along without you having to do something so crazy, it will surely come back to bite you in the end (clothed or not).

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