How Associates Can Adapt to Cube Culture

By Neetal Parekh on August 14, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Amidst economic downsizing, resizing, and other tricks of the tailor trade, law associates may find that they have one more thing in common with their in-house counterparts.  Yes, the cubicle.

If your firm, agency, or non-profit is making the shift to cube farms, we want to help you ease into the transition.  So you can be the cool new cube kid on the block...the associate that everyone wants to meet, the one who knows all the best new legal jokes, and who can charm the fellas or ladies with ease.

That's right, associate, it's time to pimp your cubicle.

While the move to cubicles may be economy-inspired, you don't want to be another wallflower do just follow these simple steps and watch how many Outlook notification invites you get to attend company-sponsored events and meetings.


Step 1: Cubicle 101, You need to know when someone comes by your cube.  Get a Cubicaller. Just slap a little double-sided magic on the thing throw it up on the outside of your cubicle.  With 12 different sounds and 3 volume settings, you know it will just keep 'em coming back for more. 

Step 2: Protect yourself from the elements.  Just like your momma told you when you went outside in the sun, cover up.  CubeShield takes cubicle protection seriously.  And you can too with this foldable contraption that can be affixed to the corner of your cubicle.  They say it's for "comfort" and "privacy" and you can enjoy a lot of both as you wait for a ring from your Cubicaller. And since it comes in 7 colors, you'll never be out of style.


 Step 3: Law firm life is no cakewalk, and you're going to have to have a thick skin.  So show your colleagues that you're not afraid to take some heat with the "Trees Were Killed" sticky note cube that you can put in a conspicuous location.Yeah, you said it, and you're not taking it back. No one will mess with you now.      (Of course, you'll recycle the paper afterwards)

Step 4: Be prepared for meetings.  Sure, your colleagues may walk in with a legal pad and pen, maybe even laptop, maybe even a recorder to get down every last word from their managing attorneys.  But you've read enough about discovery and client confidentiality to know that as important as writing things down in a timely manner, is shredding private documents on cue.  So walk into your meetings with your laptop and this USB-powered shredder.  And don't worry about interrupting your managing attorney or a partner with the buzz of motorized mayhem, they are going to appreciate your thoroughness and attention to important detail.  And best of all, once you get back to your cube, you can put it right next to the sticky note cube, for special effect.

Well, Counselor, you are set. Good luck with the shift to cube life and cube culture.  These tips should put you on top in no time. And remember, you can always sign up to receive FindLaw's Cool Jobs newsletter, just in case.

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