Houston Cops Ate Suspect's Pot Brownies While On Duty?

By Stephanie Rabiner, Esq. on September 28, 2011 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

How much do Houston cops like pot brownies? Apparently, a lot.

Three police officers are accused of eating a tray of pot brownies confiscated during a May marijuana bust. The trio found the illicit treats in the home of Nicholas Hill, and supposedly ate them prior to his arrest.

Hill alleges that he was then taken to a patrol car, where the on-duty officers prattled about munchies and drove to the station while high.

In-car computers at least partially verify this story.

KTRK-TV reports that department servers recorded the following conversation:

Cop #1: So HIGH...Good munchies

Cop #2: Everything should be open when we get done.

Cop #1: Two hours, max.

Cop #2: Probably, but this will take the whole shift.

Presumably they're talking about satisfying pot-induced cravings.

And lest you think that the cops ate the pot brownies without knowing their contents, Nicholas Hill has a response. He told the station that one officer held up the tray and stated, "Let me guess what's in this."

The implications of this story are incredible. Hill is accusing the Houston cops of driving while high, being under the influence at work, and engaging in official misconduct.

He's also insinuating that evidence may be tainted.

The pot brownies were technically evidence, and if eaten, were mishandled. And if the officers were high, they may have mishandled other evidence. Police reports and statements may be incorrect, and physical items may be contaminated.

It is almost impossible for a prosecutor to rely on evidence clouded by such doubt.

This is likely why prosecutors have yet to move forward. An investigation is underway, and the station reports that attorneys are waiting for its conclusion. The case hinges on whether or not the Houston cops ate the pot brownies.

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