Hooters Waitresses Sue Over Having to Buy Uniforms

By Minara El-Rahman on November 02, 2009 | Last updated on March 21, 2019

Two waitresses from New York have filed a class action lawsuit in Brooklyn Federal Court against the risqué restaurant establishment for forcing them to buy and dry clean their skimpy uniforms without reimbursement.

The outfits which consist of orange hotpants, a tanktop, pantyhose and thick white socks costs less than $20 but under New York State labor law, an employer must supply its workers with uniforms if they are not regular street clothes.

Well the Hooters outfits are definitely not regular street clothes that's for sure!

Louis Pechman who represents the two women agrees: "I don't think that could confuse the Hooters uniform clothes as part of someone's ordinary wardrobe," Pechman said.

Pechman said the cost may be minimal - but the law is the law.

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While this lawsuit serves as a reminder to us all about our employment rights, it is a little ironic.

NY Daily News reports: "The company's Web site adds that the Hooters Girl uniform also consists of "a smile," but there's apparently no charge for that.

The company had no comment when they were asked about the lawsuit.

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